Learn More About Alto


Learn More About Alto

We are re-doubling our long-standing commitment to your safety with industry-leading cleaning and disinfecting procedures, protective equipment, and technology.

We started Alto in 2018 with a simple mission to safely deliver the world’s most precious cargo: you and your family.  

We built our company to provide you the safest, cleanest, and highest quality passenger experience in the world. From our fingerprint background-checked employee drivers, to our company-owned fleet of vehicles monitored in real-time, we set the industry standard. 

Our promise of safety is more relevant today than ever, and we want to tell you about what we’re doing to continue to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Let’s learn to move again, together


— Will Coleman, Alto CEO

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Upgrades to our vehicles

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  • Each vehicle now has a HEPA cabin air filter which removes 99.9% of airborne particles. These are the same filters used in hospitals to provide clean air to patients.

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  • As a benefit to our Alto Members we will be offering PermaSafe treatments for personal vehicles at an additional fee. More information will be emailed directly to all Alto registered members.


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  • In addition to our daily deep cleaning procedures which use EPA-registered disinfectants, our drivers disinfect high-touch surfaces such as interior and exterior door handles and headrests in the vehicle between each trip.

  • Drivers wear masks and gloves during every trip and delivery; deliveries are placed in a custom Alto bag to minimize “touches” on the items being delivered and ensure your packages are clean and safe.

Creating a safe environment for you and our drivers

  • All of our drivers are temperature-checked before every shift and have ample supply of protective gear including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

  • Drivers wear masks during every ride and will no longer open the door for passengers to ensure complete physical distance.

  • Through our employee driver model, drivers receive paid sick leave and access to health benefits so there is no incentive for a driver to come into work if they are feeling unwell.


Asking our full community to play their part

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  • Additionally, we ask riders and delivery customers to keep their physical distance while interacting with Alto employee drivers.

  • We are changing our default procedure to ask that customers open their own doors vs. having an Alto driver assist them in order to maximize physical distance. Your door handle is disinfected between every trip so you are always the first person to touch it since a cleaning.